MIDIRenderer has been released

30 Sep 2016

1. Faster directory scan.

2. Added "Keep the original directory structure" option.

3. Added "Path" column to the files list.

4. Added "Check for updates at startup".

5. Added advanced progress window with conversion log.

6. Added overall progress on Taskbar.

7. Fixed few minor bugs.

tuneXplorer has been released

28 Sep 2016

1. Full Unicode support.

2. Faster directory scan.

3. Added ID3 tag settings.

4. Added "Refresh iTunes Library".

5. Added "Export data to CSV".

6. Added "Check for updates at startup".

ScriptCryptor has been released

09 Sep 2016

1. Full Unicode support.

2. Added 64-bit architecture for compiled files.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

09 Sep 2016

We have updated our recording software to fix compatibility issues with latest Windows 10 build.

i-Sound Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder

Audio CD Burner has been released

31 Aug 2016

1. Updated audio decoders.

2. Updated main icon.

3. Updated tag reader.

4. Removed OGG DirectShow filter.

New product - Streaming Audio Recorder

26 Aug 2016

Some users have complained that i-Sound Recorder too complicated to set up and is too expensive, so we released a simplified version with a lower price.

MIDIRenderer has been released

30 Jul 2016

1. Updated audio codecs.

2. Disabled post-processing.

tuneXplorer has been released

29 Jul 2016

1. Added WAV and AIFF support.

2. Added an option to update tags in read-only files.

3. Added more Key annotations.

i-Sound has been released

24 Jul 2016

1. Added FLAC support.

2. Fixed few minor bugs.

WaveCut Audio Editor has been released

21 Jul 2016

1. Added Trim.

2. Added Mute Selection.

3. Added Zoom to Selection.

4. Added Paste Mix.

5. Added Paste Replace.

6. Added Paste Overwrite.

7. Added Paste at the Beginning.

8. Added Paste at the End.

9. Added Remove DC offset.

10. Added Normalize channels independently.

11. Added Swap Channels.

12. Added Format Converter.

13. Updated Shortcuts.

14. Fixed few minor bugs.

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