i-Sound has been released

22 Jul 2014

1. Fixed few minor bugs in recording browser.

2. Updated audio codecs.

3. Tray icon shows recorder status using different colors.

4. Several optimizations and code cleanup.

SiteInFile Compiler has been released

11 Jul 2014

1. Added option to enable or disable context menu.

2. Updated application icon.

Audio Converter Plus has been released

11 Jul 2014

1. Progress indication in taskbar icon (Windows 7 or better).

2. New properties window.

3. Audio codecs are updated to the latest versions.

4. New application icon.

5. Added OPUS decoder.

6. Fixed bug in FLAC decoder.

MCRS released

02 Jul 2014

1. Fixed compatibility issue with RealVNC, UltraVNC and Logmein.

2. The main window can be resized vertically.

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