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Post by Monty »

First off just wanted to say hey....absolutely love your program so far! I'm trying to dial in my settings for recording streaming audio into mp3 format....can you suggest some optimal settings or do you have some links to more detailed mp3 settings information?

Currently running:
Sample rate: 44100
Mode: stereo
Encoding Mode: Constant bitrate
Bitrate: 128

Also, what is the checksum feature under mp3?

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Re: Howdy/mp3 settings

Post by donnyork »

Many years later, the same "checksum" question is hard to find anything about. Can the answer be found? Or...
Have you discontinued using WaveCut?
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Re: Howdy/mp3 settings

Post by support »

This topic has nothing to do with WaveCut. Regarding the checksum, I already emailed you back. It is used to check the integrity of the data.
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