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Post by tommyhawk » Tue Dec 06, 2005 5:24 pm

I am recording an internet stream of a talk show. When I test the scheduler settings, I am able to record a sample scheduled snippet.

It is not recording the actual program when the scheduler kicks in. The show starts in the dead of night. I check it when I wake up. The url launches and I hear the show playing but it is not recording. I wind up with a very small file of nothing. I am using mp3.

I have VOX activated because the stream cuts commercials out with silence.

I have no idea if the 'Input Level Threshold' or the 'Reaction Time' is set correctly. This could be why my show is not recording. I have the arrow almost all the way to the left for the 'Input Level' and the 'Reaction Time' is set to '5.' I chose these settings from the help file instruction.

What do you recommend for VOX settings when there are large spaces of silence in the stream? I really don't want to remove the VOX but I will if I have to.

Any help you are able to provide will be very helpful.

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