i-sound v6.8.2.0 resets right and left volume (XP Pro SP3)

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i-sound v6.8.2.0 resets right and left volume (XP Pro SP3)

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Am I doing something wrong?...

I am using i-sound with the timer to record feeds on a computer behind the scenes. The computer gets turned off and on and the operator doesn't mess with i-Sound at all. I need to record two different levels and want to use a different record level on the right and left channels to accommodate this. Unfortunately, every time i-sound gets launched, it resets the right and left channels to be equal to the "overall" volume previously used in i-sound. In other words if the volume on the master control screen is set to 75%, and I pull the left channel back to 25% from the mixer view, it stays this way until i-sound is closed and restarted. It does not seem to matter if "Mixer Lock" is on or not. I have not tried this with previous versions so I do not know if they worked correctly or not. I am using the following hardware and OS:

Dell Precision T3400
Processors: E7300 @ 2.66GHz
Ram: 2 Gb
Sound Card: Soundblaster Audigy SE
OS: XP Pro SP3
i-Sound Version:
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