Where is the Windows 7 Beta Recorder?

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Where is the Windows 7 Beta Recorder?

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Where is the recorder for the people that cannot record on Vista?

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Here is it: https://www.abyssmedia.com/downloads/isound7.exe

P.S. this is not a final release.

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mmm...useful info...
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Requesting upgrade registration code

Post by fruitypie »

Hi, long time registered user of I-Sound.
Have upgraded from VISTA to Windows 7.

I installed version on top of version 6.9.5 but then I ended up with two versions of I-Sound on my computer.

So... I uninstalled both versions and reinstalled version
However, v does not recognize my v 6.9.5 registration code.
Do I need a new and different registration code for v. 7?

EDIT: Please disregard. My registration code transferred fine.
Thank you.
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