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Version info

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Are there registry keys for saving Version Info? If not, I would like to see this added to a future revision. Also sequential tab order.
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Post by support »

Okay, we already added this feature for Quick Batch File Compiler and will add it to ScriptCryptor soon.
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Post by fsmo »

How soon please, I'm really weary of manually adding the Version info - doesn't even let me paste into the fields.
Other compilers add this info into the top of the script as comments - I assume they read that back into the vesion info of the compiler on opening the file. There are key words that denote the start and end of the info as per below:

' ----- Product Version and Description info - Begin -----
' CompanyName: xxx
' ProductName: yyy
' Product use: blah blah
' ProductVersion:
' LegalCopyright: Copyright zzz 2008
' ScriptType: window,silent,activescript
' DestDirectory: temp
' Icon: T:\Data\xxx.ico
' OutputFile: vvvv.1.1.2.exe
' Comment: Contact bbbbbb for any Enquiries
' File Version:
' Internal Name: nnnnnnn
' Trademark: mmmmmmmmm
' ----- Description End

Many thanks in anticipation....
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Verion Info for me too please

Post by officeguy »


Ideally all the filled in fields relating to version numbers should be able to be saved to a settings file, which could then be read by the command line compilation. Either that, or to be able to specify each of the version fields as a named argument to the command line compilation would be fine.

Do you have date you can give us when the compilation version and embedded files tab info can be maintained between builds without
retyping it?

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