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64-bit support?

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:10 am
by audiofan
I am using a vbscript to determine the cpu architecture.
When the compiled script is running in 32 bits mode, the result will always be 32 bits. Even if the script is running on a 64 bits machine.

I don't know if it's possible to create one executable that can run on both machines, and still get the right result.

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:32 am
by support
We already working on 64-bit version. It will be ready soon.

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:27 am
by zgeorgem
I am running a 64-Bit OS and the following code seems to work for me :

Function Extract_OSBit(oWMI)
On Error Resume Next
Set colCPU = oWMI.InstancesOf("Win32_Processor")
For Each objCPU in colCPU
strOutput = objCPU.AddressWidth
Extract_OSBit = strOutput
End Function

Posted: Fri May 22, 2015 12:21 pm
by zgeorgem
support wrote:We already working on 64-bit version. It will be ready soon.
any update on this? eagerly waiting for it

Posted: Wed May 27, 2015 8:45 pm
by support
We are faced with the problem of compatibility between 32-bit IDE and 64-bit runtime.

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2016 9:33 pm
by audiofan
Thank you for new version with 64-bit support. Works like a charm :)