Adding EXE into 'Embedded Files'

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Adding EXE into 'Embedded Files'

Post by zgeorgem »

I am not able to bundle an EXE file while compiling. It is giving me an error
"Cannot open file... The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process"

I restarted my machine to make sure the EXE is not being accessed; still does not work.

For now, my question is simple : "Does ScriptCryptor support bundling of other EXE files under 'Embedded Files' section during compiling?"

If the answer is YES then most likely it is something wrong on my machine.
If the answer is NO then i just have to wait for a new version of ScriptCryptor
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Post by support »

What compiler version do you have?

Is it possible that antivirus software blocked access to created EXE file? Have you seen any alarms?
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