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Post by wildboy »

Got it working..Perservierence (spelling, but you get it)

does anyone know how to hard code a pop-up (in a windows batch file)something like windows messenger box but without the messenger text, I believe this can be done with an array, but not too sure how to do it...

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Copy Complete!
I guess it would be java or something, but is that even possible? This will run as a ghost application, so I can't use something like this: @echo Copy Complete! Because it's a ghost app, and I won't know when it's done.

Any help is appreciated!

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Post by cola_frysen »

you should be able to use this command "msg"

msg is used like this (i dont know what OS i comes with)

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msg %username% Copy Complete!
and if you got the msg.exe file, you could include it in the compiled exe (i dont know if this is legal) then the code would look like this

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%myfiles%\msg.exe %username% Copy Complete!
hope i helped
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Post by sKurt »

That's a good way using what you already have. I'd do

msg * Copy Complete!

otherwise you may get an error message.

The better way is with Horst's wprompt. This way you can also do an errorlevel check and have it time out or automatically do something else at the end of a time out.

it's over at;

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