%MYFILES% is NOT encrypted while the EXE is running?!?

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%MYFILES% is NOT encrypted while the EXE is running?!?

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To my dismay, I discovered that any INCLUDE files that I supply are extracted to the hard drive when the EXE is launched, and the can be viewed.

Is there a way to use QBF in a way that just executes INCLUDE files so that they are not copied to the hard disk?


Use a windows debugger, such as OllyDbg.exe to launch the compiled EXE. Insert a breakpoint after the files are extracted to %myfiles%. Locate the true location of %myfiles% in windows explorer, and there are all the INCLUDE files!

What good is encrypting the EXE if you can access the files it extracts while running?
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Why you need to encrypt included files? This feature designed for easy distrubution required files with compiled script.
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