Bugs, Features, etc.

Convert your BATch files into EXEcutable format in one click.
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Bugs, Features, etc.

Post by sKurt »

I know this has been mentioned before, however...

1. A way to save the ENTIRE PROJECT so I don't have to keep adding the icon and version info, only edit what is already there.

2. In VERSION INFO, when I enter the first line and I press TAB it goes to the internal name, then legal copyrights, etc., etc. make it so each tab brings the next field, not bounce around the page. You should be able to specify this in your compiler as to what is field 1, 2, 3, etc.

Don't care if you ever make it hidden from the %TMP% folder, it just doesn't matter, this is not a PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE folks, it is just a way to make a .BAT file easier to use. if you want HIDDEN CODE then learn a real language.
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Post by support »

All this features sheduled for version 2.6. I think it will be released on middle of october.
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