Sytem Error: Code 2

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Sytem Error: Code 2

Post by gspotalien »

I have been using QBFC faithfully for a few years. The other day it stopped working. It is giving me the following error

System Error. Code:2
The system cannot find the file specified.

I have tried to reinstall a few times. No matter what batch file i use, or even try to compile a blank file it give me the same error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

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Post by Jeremy »

mmm that's weird. what operating system are you using?

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Post by nuketroid »


I got the same message. Turns out virus definitions are identifying my exe file as a virus.

Here's the link to my Virus Total scan: ... 4628a40b25

I've notified them and hopefully it will get taken off the virus definitions.

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qbfc should be changed not the Virus scanner!

Post by mapleleaf »

Hi nuketroid,

I have the same problem with the F-Secure Antvirus.
It seems to that it's not the expected way to solution to tell ALL Antivirus-SW providers "please change your Antivirus scanner cause we use qbfc" :wink:

Since I dont observe the problem with qbfc 2.15 (but we all have this problem with qbfc 3.16) I suggest qbfc should be changed in such a way that no Virus scanner takes the compiled exe for a threat.

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Post by support »

Please understand - we are doing our best to solve issues with antivirus, but to many bad guys uses our compiler for virus creation. Just take a look on YouTube, here is a vidio tutorials "How to create virus with Batch File Compiler":

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