QBFC for Dummies - A couple of unobvious questions.

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Could you please tell me what the difference is between the Home and Business licenses?

Also, I am unsure as to what would go in the "Include" tab. For instance, could these files be called external scripts, external libraries or data files? Is it possible you could provide a couple of examples?

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Wayne ???

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The Home License
is intended for non-commercial home use only. In all other circumstances, a Business License is required.

Business License
If the product will be used by organizations, whether business, non-profit, state-owned or government (local, state or federal) or any other type, or if an individual is purchasing the program for commercial purposes (i.e. a home or family business), you must obtain a Business License. Doing otherwise will be considered a violation of license agreement.

Included files will be available during script execution and will be deleted on exit.
You may call this files during execution. %MYFILES% variable contain a full peth to this files.
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