Runtime - Wrapper or Compiler?

Convert your BATch files into EXEcutable format in one click.
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The problem with QBFC for me is that it is not a compiler but a wrapper. It wraps the BAT files up into a compressed encrypted EXE file - very secure - until you actually run it.

Then it decompresses the BAT files to disk to run them. Currently to the TEMP folder %temp%

Anyone with half a brain can get all the code in your bat files whilst the program runs. If it crashes it leaves them on the disk in plain view - if it doesn't crash they can be unerased from the disk with many different undelete tools.

I understand other products out there work on the same basis at the moment apart from the old dos "real compilers" (like bat2exec and better turbobat), however these old compilers are no good for the modern syntax of the NT family's CMD console.

I understand the complexities of resolving this.

I understand you have been working on a real compiler since July.

My question is do you have a timescale on this - i.e. whenever it is mentioned you talk about the difficulties and you speak about the "byte code" compiler but never give any indication of how far you have got with this.

So this is my last attempt, please! Are you going to have something in the next month or two or not?

We are holding up a project waiting for this; if it isn't coming please tell us so we can pursue a different approach - like pay someone to convert all the BAT to VB or Delphi. (We dont want to do this)


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I'm sorry, Nick. I'll be happy to say you release date, but I have not this information. Almost any command with NT-syntaxis required much more time than was planned.
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