ODD problem with including files

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here is the batch file

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gfxpak -r data\stadium\a001day.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a001day.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a001day.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a001day.big\field0.fsh  usgrams1.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a001day.big\field1.fsh  usgrams1.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a001day.big\field2.fsh  usgrams1.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\a002day.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a002day.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a002day.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a002day.big\field0.fsh  usgrams2.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a002day.big\field1.fsh  usgrams2.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a002day.big\field2.fsh  usgrams2.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\a003day.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a003day.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a003day.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a003day.big\field0.fsh  usgrams3.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a003day.big\field1.fsh  usgrams3.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\a003day.big\field2.fsh  usgrams3.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa01nite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa01nite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa01nite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa01nite.big\field0.fsh  usgram.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa01nite.big\field1.fsh  usgram.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa01nite.big\field2.fsh  usgram.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa02nite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa02nite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa02nite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa02nite.big\field0.fsh  usgram.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa02nite.big\field1.fsh  usgram.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa02nite.big\field2.fsh  usgram.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa03nite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa03nite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa03nite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa03nite.big\field0.fsh  usgram.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa03nite.big\field1.fsh  usgram.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aa03nite.big\field2.fsh  usgram.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa1nite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa1nite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa1nite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa1nite.big\field0.fsh  usgram.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa1nite.big\field1.fsh  usgram.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa1nite.big\field2.fsh  usgram.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa2nite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa2nite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa2nite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa2nite.big\field0.fsh  usgram.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa2nite.big\field1.fsh  usgram.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa2nite.big\field2.fsh  usgram.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa3nite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa3nite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa3nite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa3nite.big\field0.fsh  usgram.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa3nite.big\field1.fsh  usgram.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\aaa3nite.big\field2.fsh  usgram.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\anahday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\anahday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\anahday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\anahday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\anahday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\anahday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\anahnite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\anahnite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\anahnite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\anahnite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\anahnite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\anahnite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\arliday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\arliday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\arliday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\arliday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\arliday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\arliday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\arlinite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\arlinite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\arlinite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\arlinite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\arlinite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\arlinite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\astrdome.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\astrdome.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\astrdome.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl

gfxpak -r data\stadium\cineday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\cineday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\cineday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\cineday.big\field0.fsh  cinedaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\cineday.big\field1.fsh  cinedaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\cineday.big\field2.fsh  cinedaySGRA.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\bankday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bankday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bankday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bankday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bankday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bankday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\banknite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\banknite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\banknite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\banknite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\banknite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\banknite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\bushday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bushday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bushday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bushday.big\field0.fsh  bushusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bushday.big\field1.fsh  bushusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bushday.big\field2.fsh  bushusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\bushnite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bushnite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bushnite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bushnite.big\field0.fsh  bushusgraN.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bushnite.big\field1.fsh  bushusgraN.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\bushnite.big\field2.fsh  bushusgraN.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\citiday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\citiday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\citiday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\citiday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\citiday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\citiday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\citinite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\citinite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\citinite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\citinite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\citinite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\citinite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\clevday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\clevday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\clevday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\clevday.big\field0.fsh  clevdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\clevday.big\field1.fsh  clevdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\clevday.big\field2.fsh  clevdaySGRA.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\crosday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\crosday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\crosday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\crosday.big\field0.fsh  crosdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\crosday.big\field1.fsh  crosdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\crosday.big\field2.fsh  crosdaySGRA.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\comeday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\comeday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\comeday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\comeday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\comeday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\comeday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\comenite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\comenite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\comenite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\comenite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\comenite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\comenite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\coorday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\coorday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\coorday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\coorday.big\field0.fsh  coorusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\coorday.big\field1.fsh  coorusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\coorday.big\field2.fsh  coorusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\coornite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\coornite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\coornite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\coornite.big\field0.fsh  coorusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\coornite.big\field1.fsh  coorusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\coornite.big\field2.fsh  coorusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\dodgday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\dodgday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\dodgday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\dodgday.big\field0.fsh  dodgusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\dodgday.big\field1.fsh  dodgusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\dodgday.big\field2.fsh  dodgusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\dodgnite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\dodgnite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\dodgnite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\dodgnite.big\field0.fsh  dodgusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\dodgnite.big\field1.fsh  dodgusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\dodgnite.big\field2.fsh  dodgusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\fencday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fencday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fencday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fencday.big\field0.fsh  fencdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fencday.big\field1.fsh  fencdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fencday.big\field2.fsh  fencdaySGRA.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\forbday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\forbday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\forbday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\forbday.big\field0.fsh  forbdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\forbday.big\field1.fsh  forbdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\forbday.big\field2.fsh  forbdaySGRA.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\gabaday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\gabaday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\gabaday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\gabaday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\gabaday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\gabaday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\gabanite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\gabanite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\gabanite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\gabanite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\gabanite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\gabanite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\grifday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\grifday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\grifday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\grifday.big\field0.fsh  grifdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\grifday.big\field1.fsh  grifdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\grifday.big\field2.fsh  grifdaySGRA.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\jacoday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\jacoday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\jacoday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\jacoday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\jacoday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\jacoday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\jaconite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\jaconite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\jaconite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\jaconite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\jaconite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\jaconite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\kaufday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\kaufday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\kaufday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl

gfxpak -r data\stadium\kaufnite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\kaufnite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\kaufnite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl

gfxpak -r data\stadium\metrdome.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\metrdome.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\metrdome.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl

gfxpak -r data\stadium\metpnite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\metpnite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\metpnite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\metpnite.big\field0.fsh  metpniteSGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\metpnite.big\field1.fsh  metpniteSGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\metpnite.big\field2.fsh  metpniteSGRA.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\millday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\millday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\millday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\millday.big\field0.fsh  millusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\millday.big\field1.fsh  millusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\millday.big\field2.fsh  millusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\millnite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\millnite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\millnite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\millnite.big\field0.fsh  millusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\millnite.big\field1.fsh  millusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\millnite.big\field2.fsh  millusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\min1day.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\min1day.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\min1day.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\min1day.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\min1day.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\min1day.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\min2day.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\min2day.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\min2day.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\min2day.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\min2day.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\min2day.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\olymdome.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\olymdome.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\olymdome.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl

gfxpak -r data\stadium\poloday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\poloday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\poloday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\poloday.big\field0.fsh  polodaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\poloday.big\field1.fsh  polodaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\poloday.big\field2.fsh  polodaySGRA.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\minuday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\minuday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\minuday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\minuday.big\field0.fsh  minuusgra2.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\minuday.big\field1.fsh  minuusgra2.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\minuday.big\field2.fsh  minuusgra2.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\minunite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\minunite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\minunite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\minunite.big\field0.fsh  minuusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\minunite.big\field1.fsh  minuusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\minunite.big\field2.fsh  minuusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\netwday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\netwday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\netwday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\netwday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\netwday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\netwday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\netwnite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\netwnite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\netwnite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\netwnite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\netwnite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\netwnite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\orioday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\orioday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\orioday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\orioday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\orioday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\orioday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\orionite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\orionite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\orionite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\orionite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\orionite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\orionite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\petoday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\petoday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\petoday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\petoday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\petoday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\petoday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\petonite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\petonite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\petonite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\petonite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\petonite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\petonite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\pncpday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\pncpday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\pncpday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\pncpday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\pncpday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\pncpday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\pncpnite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\pncpnite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\pncpnite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\pncpnite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\pncpnite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\pncpnite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\propday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\propday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\propday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\propday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\propday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\propday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\propnite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\propnite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\propnite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\propnite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\propnite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\propnite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\qualnite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\qualnite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\qualnite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\qualnite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\qualnite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\qualnite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\shibday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\shibday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\shibday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\shibday.big\field0.fsh  shibdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\shibday.big\field1.fsh  shibdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\shibday.big\field2.fsh  shibdaySGRA.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksday.big\field0.fsh  detlfenforRFK.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksday.big\field1.fsh  detlfenforRFK.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksday.big\field2.fsh  detlfenforRFK.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksday.big\field0.fsh  fl02fenforRFK.png fl02
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksday.big\field1.fsh  fl02fenforRFK.png fl02
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksday.big\field2.fsh  fl02fenforRFK.png fl02
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksday.big\field0.fsh  rfksusgra1.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksday.big\field1.fsh  rfksusgra1.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksday.big\field2.fsh  rfksusgra1.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksnite.big\field0.fsh  detlfenforRFK.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksnite.big\field1.fsh  detlfenforRFK.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksnite.big\field2.fsh  detlfenforRFK.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksnite.big\field0.fsh  fl02fenforRFK.png fl02
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksnite.big\field1.fsh  fl02fenforRFK.png fl02
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksnite.big\field2.fsh  fl02fenforRFK.png fl02
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksnite.big\field0.fsh  rfksusgra2.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksnite.big\field1.fsh  rfksusgra2.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\rfksnite.big\field2.fsh  rfksusgra2.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\safeday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\safeday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\safeday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\safeday.big\field0.fsh  safeusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\safeday.big\field1.fsh  safeusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\safeday.big\field2.fsh  safeusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\safenite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\safenite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\safenite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\safenite.big\field0.fsh  safeusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\safenite.big\field1.fsh  safeusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\safenite.big\field2.fsh  safeusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\sbcpday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sbcpday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sbcpday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sbcpday.big\field0.fsh  sbcpusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sbcpday.big\field1.fsh  sbcpusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sbcpday.big\field2.fsh  sbcpusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\sbcpnite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sbcpnite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sbcpnite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sbcpnite.big\field0.fsh  sbcpusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sbcpnite.big\field1.fsh  sbcpusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sbcpnite.big\field2.fsh  sbcpusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\sheaday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sheaday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sheaday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sheaday.big\field0.fsh  sheausgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sheaday.big\field1.fsh  sheausgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sheaday.big\field2.fsh  sheausgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\sheanite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sheanite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sheanite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sheanite.big\field0.fsh  sheausgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sheanite.big\field1.fsh  sheausgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\sheanite.big\field2.fsh  sheausgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\skydday.big\field0.fsh  fla0forskydome3.png fla0
gfxpak -r data\stadium\skydday.big\field1.fsh  fla0forskydome3.png fla0
gfxpak -r data\stadium\skydday.big\field2.fsh  fla0forskydome3.png fla0
gfxpak -r data\stadium\skydday.big\field0.fsh  skyddaydetl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\skydday.big\field1.fsh  skyddaydetl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\skydday.big\field2.fsh  skyddaydetl.png detl

gfxpak -r data\stadium\skydnite.big\field0.fsh  fla0forskydome3.png fla0
gfxpak -r data\stadium\skydnite.big\field1.fsh  fla0forskydome3.png fla0
gfxpak -r data\stadium\skydnite.big\field2.fsh  fla0forskydome3.png fla0
gfxpak -r data\stadium\skydnite.big\field0.fsh  skyddaydetl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\skydnite.big\field1.fsh  skyddaydetl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\skydnite.big\field2.fsh  skyddaydetl.png detl

gfxpak -r data\stadium\spotday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\spotday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\spotday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\spotday.big\field0.fsh  spotdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\spotday.big\field1.fsh  spotdaySGRA.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\spotday.big\field2.fsh  spotdaySGRA.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\tigrnite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\tigrnite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\tigrnite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\tigrnite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\tigrnite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\tigrnite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\tropdome.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\tropdome.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\tropdome.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\tropdome.big\field0.fsh  tropdomefl012.png fl01
gfxpak -r data\stadium\tropdome.big\field1.fsh  tropdomefl012.png fl01
gfxpak -r data\stadium\tropdome.big\field2.fsh  tropdomefl012.png fl01
gfxpak -r data\stadium\tropdome.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\tropdome.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\tropdome.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\turnday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\turnday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\turnday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\turnday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\turnday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\turnday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\turnnite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\turnnite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\turnnite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\turnnite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\turnnite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\turnnite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\usceday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\usceday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\usceday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\usceday.big\field0.fsh  usceusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\usceday.big\field1.fsh  usceusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\usceday.big\field2.fsh  usceusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\uscenite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\uscenite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\uscenite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\uscenite.big\field0.fsh  usceusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\uscenite.big\field1.fsh  usceusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\uscenite.big\field2.fsh  usceusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\venuday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\venuday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\venuday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\venuday.big\field0.fsh  venuusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\venuday.big\field1.fsh  venuusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\venuday.big\field2.fsh  venuusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\venunite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\venunite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\venunite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\venunite.big\field0.fsh  venuusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\venunite.big\field1.fsh  venuusgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\venunite.big\field2.fsh  venuusgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\veteday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\veteday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\veteday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl

gfxpak -r data\stadium\wrigday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\wrigday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\wrigday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\wrigday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\wrigday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\wrigday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\wrignite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\wrignite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\wrignite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\wrignite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\wrignite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\wrignite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\yankday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\yankday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\yankday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\yankday.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\yankday.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\yankday.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\yanknite.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\yanknite.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\yanknite.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\yanknite.big\field0.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\yanknite.big\field1.fsh  usgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\yanknite.big\field2.fsh  usgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwday.big\field0.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwday.big\field1.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwday.big\field2.fsh  detl.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwday.big\field0.fsh  fl02fenday.png fl02
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwday.big\field1.fsh  fl02fenday.png fl02
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwday.big\field2.fsh  fl02fenday.png fl02
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwday.big\field0.fsh  fensgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwday.big\field1.fsh  fensgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwday.big\field2.fsh  fensgra.png sgra

gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwnite.big\field0.fsh  detlfennite.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwnite.big\field1.fsh  detlfennite.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwnite.big\field2.fsh  detlfennite.png detl
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwnite.big\field0.fsh  fl02fennite.png fl02
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwnite.big\field1.fsh  fl02fennite.png fl02
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwnite.big\field2.fsh  fl02fennite.png fl02
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwnite.big\field0.fsh  fennitesgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwnite.big\field1.fsh  fennitesgra.png sgra
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwnite.big\field2.fsh  fennitesgra.png sgra


Here is the included files

Code: Select all

05/12/2005  12:29 PM               144 bushusgra.PNG
05/12/2005  12:46 PM               144 bushusgraN.PNG
05/12/2005  04:38 AM               144 cinedaySGRA.PNG
05/12/2005  05:10 AM               144 clevdaySGRA.PNG
05/12/2005  11:07 AM               144 coorusgra.PNG
05/12/2005  02:57 AM               215 crosdaySGRA.PNG
05/05/2005  10:47 PM             6,945 detl.png
05/09/2005  02:00 PM             8,991 detlfenforRFK.png
05/06/2005  12:28 AM             8,991 detlfennite.png
05/12/2005  12:30 PM               144 dodgusgra.PNG
05/12/2005  03:07 AM               217 fencdaySGRA.PNG
05/10/2005  06:30 PM               144 fennitesgra.PNG
05/10/2005  06:13 PM               144 fensgra.PNG
05/06/2005  12:18 AM               446 fl02fenday.png
05/10/2005  12:28 PM               405 fl02fenforRFK.png
05/06/2005  12:29 AM               405 fl02fennite.png
05/10/2005  12:41 AM             7,308 fla0forskydome3.PNG
05/12/2005  03:17 AM               216 forbdaySGRA.PNG
10/12/2002  10:02 PM           339,968 gfxpak.exe
05/12/2005  03:38 AM               217 grifdaySGRA.PNG
05/12/2005  04:05 AM               216 metpniteSGRA.PNG
05/12/2005  11:24 AM               144 millusgra.PNG
05/13/2005  03:19 AM               144 minuusgra.PNG
05/13/2005  02:52 AM               139 minuusgra2.PNG
05/12/2005  02:36 AM               217 polodaySGRA.PNG
05/14/2005  12:15 AM               144 rfksusgra1.PNG
05/14/2005  12:36 AM               144 rfksusgra2.PNG
05/12/2005  11:37 AM               144 safeusgra.PNG
05/12/2005  11:41 AM               144 sbcpusgra.PNG
05/12/2005  11:44 AM               144 sheausgra.PNG
05/12/2005  02:13 AM               217 shibdaySGRA.PNG
05/09/2005  10:45 PM             8,329 skyddaydetl.png
05/12/2005  01:27 AM               216 spotdaySGRA.PNG
05/10/2005  05:27 PM             4,470 tropdomefl012.PNG
05/12/2005  11:48 AM               144 usceusgra.PNG
05/10/2005  08:58 PM               306 usgra.PNG
05/11/2005  02:55 PM               284 usgram.PNG
05/11/2005  03:36 PM               144 usgrams1.PNG
05/11/2005  04:18 PM               144 usgrams2.PNG
05/11/2005  04:33 PM               144 usgrams3.PNG
05/12/2005  11:52 AM               144 venuusgra.PNG
then the exe runs all the extracted png files are the same size as the gfxpak.exe files (339,968)

Code: Select all

05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 bushusgra.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 bushusgraN.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 cinedaySGRA.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 clevdaySGRA.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 coorusgra.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 crosdaySGRA.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 detl.png
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 detlfenforRFK.png
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 detlfennite.png
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 dodgusgra.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 fencdaySGRA.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 fennitesgra.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 fensgra.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 fl02fenday.png
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 fl02fenforRFK.png
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 fl02fennite.png
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 fla0forskydome3.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 forbdaySGRA.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 gfxpak.exe
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 grifdaySGRA.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 metpniteSGRA.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 millusgra.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 minuusgra.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 minuusgra2.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 polodaySGRA.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 rfksusgra1.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 rfksusgra2.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 safeusgra.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 sbcpusgra.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 sheausgra.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 shibdaySGRA.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 skyddaydetl.png
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 spotdaySGRA.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 tropdomefl012.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 usceusgra.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 usgra.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 usgram.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 usgrams1.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 usgrams2.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 usgrams3.PNG
05/15/2005  08:55 AM           339,968 venuusgra.PNG
since the PNG files are now so much larger I get a memory error
gfxpak -r data\stadium\fenwnite.big\field2.fsh fennitesgra.png sgra

Program too big to fit in memory

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Oleg Tsheglov
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Post by Oleg Tsheglov »

Thank you. I' find small bug inside decompression function.
Fixed version will be ready tomorrow
Oleg Tsheglov
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Post by Oleg Tsheglov »

New version ready.
We fixed error with files decompression and fixed erorr with Version Info.
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Post by darcmarc »

What is gfxpak?
Oleg Tsheglov
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Post by Oleg Tsheglov »

I think this is game-related software, isn't it?
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Post by thickfreakness »

Yes, it is used to install game mods into MVP Baseball 2005

gfxpak inserts a image into the game
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Post by thickfreakness »

Oleg Tsheglov wrote:Thank you. I' find small bug inside decompression function.
Fixed version will be ready tomorrow
I'm still having the same problem


here is the exe


Files I included in the EXE


I put a pause statement at the beginning go I could check files sizes

all files are 339,968 in size when decompress from the EXE

Post by Raffye »

im having the same problem with decompress/included files system !! all files equals to the biggest file included ! i added on aa.exe with 598 kb other files of about 100 , 50 , 220 after decompression they all become 598 kb !

im using
xp sp1 !

Post by Raffye »

and i noticed thet file do not decompress when they are not intracted in batch, its must thet in batch file u give some command regarding the file else its justtt do not appear !! :(
Oleg Tsheglov
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Post by Oleg Tsheglov »

Please uninstall current version and install again. I noticed that installer not update some DLLs.

Post by Raffye »

THX oleg thet worked ! i think problem is with installer !! :D
Oleg Tsheglov
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Post by Oleg Tsheglov »

Ok. We fix this problem in installer script for new versions.
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Post by NorIshoR »

Hi all.I`ve discovered a problem with included files.Every thing works ok with the .exe until he runs on a CD.Oops!Fatal error.. bla bla bla..He try to unpack included files on the CD (i guess) and is a little bit impossible for it to do that. :) NOW: When including files, is there a posibility to imput the path where to be extracted ? like %windir%\temp or anything like: c:\my sweet dir\candyes\garlic candyes\my extracted files :D ? Tnx
Oleg Tsheglov
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Post by Oleg Tsheglov »

Thank you NorIshoR for your post,

yes, i know about this problem and i have a few solutions:

- decompress included files to temporary folder (incorrect in 5% of all cases with unspecified TEMP folder)
- decompress files to specified folder (may be this folder already exist?)
- decompress files to Application Data folder and assign %FILES% variable to this path (100% correct way)
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Post by NorIshoR »

The pleasure was mine!I hope you`ll include the above options in the next release.The program works great but is almost useless if i cannot run it on a cd or another read only media.The best option for me is that to chose the dir. for extraction of included files.That is perfect i gues.Thx in advance and we keep in touch.
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