WavCut Audio Editor GUI

Lightweight audio editor with MDI interface.
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WavCut Audio Editor GUI

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Dear Folks, new here and still havent purchased but would like to eventually.
My question: Is there a way to display milliseconds on the x-axis and IDK what its called, volume on the y-axis?
The trial version leaves them unlabeled, does the paid version add them?
Thank you so much.
Ps. I'm a insect behavior reseacher who anylzes percussive sound files, counting the taps made by the adult and make measurements between each tap.
I have confirmed the program can accomplish these tasks to the whole millisecond (I think no trailing decimal places?), but what I would like to do is screen capture the whole signal in mono, even though stereo is extreemly useful, and have at least 0-Last miliseconds displayed on the x-axis?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I may still purchase the program for the B&W screen cap alone.
John Sandberg CSU Chico CA Aquatic Bioassessment Lab
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Re: WavCut Audio Editor GUI

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X-axis can be switched between samples and milliseconds via View->Scale Format
Y-axis always show volume in dB
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