Including Files Problem - Running an exe file online...eventually

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Post by alanarae » Fri Jan 19, 2007 3:31 pm

i am running into a problem many times over using this program. I am hoping that it is something Im doing wrong. I have some .jar files and a class file that is called in a bat file. I need to place the bat or exe file and its contents online on a website for users to open and run the file. Locally on my machine I can get the program to work, but when i place files on remote server, I have to go through the windows of 'Run, Save, Cancel' and when I run the file, it doesnt open....Unless I put the files on the desktop(?) and then re-run the file from the internet. I am assuming that my main problem might lie in the Classpath- , although I already changed that to point to a remote path for the file(s). Can anyone help me with this please!

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