Saving a retouched file

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Saving a retouched file

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Either I am doing something wrong, or I just paid $46 for something that does me no good.

All I want to do (for the moment) is increase the treble and re-save the file with that increase, so that when I burn this audio (voice) file to a CD and the listener hears it on Windows Media Player, the voice will be clearer and easier to understand. I am not sure that I will have any other use for the program, than this. And if this cannot be done, I will have wasted my money.

Here is what I did.
- I listened to the file all the way through, having set the treble boost to the place I wanted it. The file sounded fine. Nice, crisp consonants.
- Using the Save button, I saved the file.
- I listened to the saved file using Windows Media player, and it sounded no different than the original. I listened to the original again, to make sure. No difference.
- I checked the help file and it is no different than the one in the demo version - no help at all.
- I checked the support forum for this program and there is no entry about this problem. That's why I am here.
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Answered via email. You can not overwrite original file.
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