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i-Sound suggestions

Post by kimmersly » Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:28 am

Hi ...

i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder Pro is a GREAT little product - I used it
extensively over the past weekend.

Couple of suggestions for a future release:

1 - Provide for "named profiles" for recording different types of material.
Under a user provided name/label, such profiles would remember all
the settings, options, parameters, etc, and thus allow easy switching
between different types of audio material (eg, talk shows, rock music,
classical music, etc).

2 - Do "something" to the control panel to show when i-Sound is the
active "window". Currently (with the default skin), the only indication
it is selected is the darkening/lightening of its tab down in the taskbar.
Inconvenient. Perhaps dull the color of the button insets or change
the title text to gray instead of black. Etc.

Anyway, thanks for providing such an easy-to-use, complete product - a
single function, and does it well. Good philosophy ...!



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