XP-compatible Choise-script - User-input friendly batch-example

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In the Help-file of Quick Batch File Compiler you talk about an
"XP-version" of the CHOICE-command script?!? I'm new in here and that's
maby the reason that I couldn't find it...mmm
..but if someone have interest, I post one in here.


@echo off
Setlocal Enableextensions Enabledelayedexpansion
Title a Choice alt. for Win-XP by J. DeServantes in 2005
Echo. type 1,2 or 3...
set choice=
set /p choice=...then press Enter to continue.
set deci=You pressed the key
if not '%choice%'=='' set choice=%choice:~0,1%
if '%choice%'=='1' set no=One & goto contesta
if '%choice%'=='2' set no=Two & goto contesta
if '%choice%'=='3' set no=Three & goto contesta
if '%choice%'==' ' exit
Echo. %choice% is not valid, try again! (...or space for exit)
goto otravez
Echo. %deci% %no%!
Pause & goto inicio

Copy and past, modify or enjoy...

Br. Joaquin form the sunny Colombia
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