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  • What about DRM?
    Audio Converter Plus could not convert DRM-protected audu files. It may be illegal in your country.
  • How I can run conversion from command line?

    You can start batch conversion of audio files or entire folder using command line parameters.

    audioconverter.exe [/AUTOMATE] path to file or folder

    /AUTOMATE - optional key. If you pass this key then Audio Converter Plus add audio files to conversion list, convert them and exit. Without this key, Audio Converter Plus will only add audio files to conversion list.

  • What will happens if I select wrong compression options?
    Audio Converter Plus will try to correct options. For example, if you have 96000Hz audio files and you need to converter them to MP3 then Audio Converter will resample audio to 48000Hz automatically.
  • Does Audio Converter Plus support multicore CPU?
    Yes, Audio Converter Plus optimized for dual-core processors and can run twice as fast as its competitors.