Audio CD Burner does not recognize my CD recorder!

First, if you are running WinNT or Win2000, make sure to logged in as an Administrator! Second, the ASPI layer on your system may not be functioning properly for Audio CD Burner to recognize it(for Windows 98/Me only). Check your systems ASPI layer. Under Windows 2000/XP Audio CD Burner work via SPTI interface and not need ASPI support.

What audio file formats does Audio CD Burner support?

Audio CD Burner supports playback of virtually all formats of WAV and MP3 files. It will burn 44.1, 16bit, stereo WAV files and MPEG 1,2, and 3 compliant files.

What CD Burners is Audio CD Burner compatible with?

To view a list of compatible CDROM writers, check our list of compatible CD-ROM writers on the compatibility page.

Can Audio CD Burner "burn" audio files to re-writable media? Will they play in my player?

Yes to the first question and maybe to the second. Audio CD Burner will create CD-Audio disks on either CD-R or CD-RW media but many CD players are not capable of playing back the information when it is stored on CD-RW. We suggest that you experiment with your specific CD players.

How many songs can I burn on a CD?

Most CD Burners only support the creation of normal audio CDs. However, Audio Data Music CD Burner can create both normal audio CDs and data CDs. When creating an audio CD, most people will be able to add about 13 - 20 songs per CD. The main limit is that a CD can only hold 74 or 80 minutes of audio. Burning an 80-minute CD-R requires that your CD-Recorder hardware supports it. For Data CD, you can fit hundreds of songs in a single disc. If you have a collection of MP3 files with an average of 5 MB each, you can fit 130 of them in one single 650 MB disc!