How to convert MIDI to WAV?

What is WAV? A Wave file is an audio file format, created by Microsoft, that has become a standard PC audio file format for everything from system and game sounds to CD-quality audio. A Wave file is identified by a file name extension of WAV (.wav). The only real drawback to the WAV file format is the file size associated with it. The average song has a large file size from 35 and 50 megabytes, which is significantly larger than the average MP3 file size.

Step 1 - Download free MIDI To WAV Converter

Download MIDI To WAV Converter from this site:

Step 2 - Installation

Run the downloaded file midirenderer.exe to start installation, which is fast and requires no knowledge. After installation, double click on the new icon, you will see the user interface below.

Step 3 - Add MIDI Files To Conversion List

You can click on Add Button or Add Folder Button to add a single MIDI video file, or multi MIDI files from a folder to the conversion list.

Step 4 - Set The Output Folder

At the right bottom field you can see an Output Folder option. Click on Browse button to set an output path, which will be the destination folder of converted WAV files.

Step 5 - Set The Compression Options

You can select WAV format options like bit resolution, audio channels, sampling rate.

Step 6 - Start Converting

Click on the biggest Start Converting Now button, the conversion task will be started immediately.

After conversion you will be able to use MIDI music in PowerPoint.

MIDIRenderer also support MIDI to MP3 conversion.