How to convert a MIDI file to MP3?

MIDI files are files that end with the extension .mid or .midi. These are described as digital or electronic sheet music. Computers can read MIDI files much like the player pianos of yore could read the instructions on a punched paper roll in order to "play" a song.

MP3 is the most popular audio format on the Internet. Converting MIDI to MP3 is a frequent task when working with MIDI format files because MIDI files not supported by portable player and car audio systems. Also, you may be interesting in MIDI to WAV conversion before burning MIDI files onto CD.

MIDI to WAV MP3 Converter

MIDIRenderer is a professional-quality MIDI file renderer and software wavetable synthesizer. Direct MIDI to MP3 conversion with MIDIRenderer is really very simple.

  • Download MIDI to MP3 Converter
  • Use "Add Files" or "Add folders" to add MIDI files to conversion list. You can also drag and drop MIDI files from Windows Explorer to MIDIRenderer.
  • Select output folder for MP3 files or check the "Save MP3 files to the same folder" option.
  • Select output format for MP3 Encoder
  • Click the "Convert" button
  • That's all!

download midi to wav mp3 converterDownload MIDI to WAV MP3 Converter