Music Recorder Software

i-Sound is a flexible music recorder that can record music from any source available on your system, such as WAVE for recording streaming audio, Line-In for transferring music from the LP or cassette to the hard drive, "Microphone" for recording live music. The music recorder feature allows you to save music directly into the most popular MP3 and WMA formats. WAV and APE formats uses lossless codecs to prserve the quality of recordings. The music recorder also includes a recording scheduler which enables you to record from selected source at a predefined time. Voice Activation System automatically monitors the input source and activates recording when the input volume reaches a specified level. The recording automatically stops once the audio level drops below a specified threshold.

To use the software's music recording capabilities, click on the "Settings" button from the main window. From this step you can select the recording source and volume. Advanced Codec options are available for any recording format, includes MP3, WMA, OGG, APE and WAV. Its making i-Sound the flexible music recorder software for experienced users. You can find more information about music recorder feature at i-Sound Homepage or download free trial.

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