How to create Windows executable (.exe) from VBS script

Visual Basic Script is very popular and powerful language for Windows administrators. Easy access to COM objects makes it suitable for developing full fledged applications for Windows. But what about secure distribution of your scripts? Do you need to hide the algorithms, logins and passwords? You will need some kind of VbScript obfuscator for this. Have you thought of creating an executable file from the VBScript? VBScript compiler makes EXE files extermely difficult to study, analyse, reuse and re-work for competitors or customers, while retaining the full functionality of the original code.

This tutorial will give step by step instruction on how to create Win32 executable from VBS script. You will need a vbscript to exe compiler - ScriptCryptor. In additional, ScriptCryptor can compile JavaScript to EXE.

  1. Run the ScriptCryptor
  2. Create new VBS script or open exist script from hard drive At this step you not need any changes in script code because ScriptCryptor will emulate WScript system object.
  3. Select project type: console or windowed
  4. Optional: assign Version Info for executable
  5. Optional: assign application icon
  6. Click the "Build" button to create EXE file

In some cases you may need to distribute additional files with your script. Something like help file, license agreement, e.t.c. With ScriptCryptor you may embed this files into executable. Before main script execution this files will be extracted to temporary folder and you will be able access then. Files will be removed automatically after main script execution.

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