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How to capture streaming audio and internet radio.

i-Sound is a perfect streaming audio recorder. It can record streaming audio in whatever format you specify - MP3, WMA or lossless FLAC format. i-Sound allows you to record audio without running out of memory - you can keep recording as long as there's enough free space on your hard drive. Streaming recorder works with a variety of audio streams, including those from Napster, Rhapsody and Musicmatch that require a subscription. i-Sound record music played back through your sound card, so you can record even DRM-protected audio streams. Advanced recording options like VOX, Auto-Splitter, Auto-Names and Scheduler are available for those who want to take advantage of them, making i-Sound the powerful software for recording streaming audio for users of any experience level.

Download recorder for Windows 10/8/7/Vista | Windows XP

streaming audio recorder

Supported audio streams:

  • ShoutCast/IceCast streams from Winamp
  • Windows Media streams from Windows Media Player
  • RealAudio from Realplayer
  • Capture audio from Internet
  • Online Flash or HTML5 players
i-Sound is also a great way to record streaming audio from very popular services like:

Save streaming audio to MP3

  • Open i-Sound Streaming Audio Recorder
  • Open "Settings->Mixer" window to select the recording source. Select the "Stereo Mix" input (for Windows XP) or Speakers (for Windows 10/7).
    Tip!Don't worry if "Stereo Mix" not present in the list of inputs. Different sound cards may use non-standard name for this input: "WAVE", "What U Hear","MP3","Wave Out".
    Tip!Windows 7 and Windows 10 do not support "Stereo Mix", but allows recording directly from the "Speakers".
  • Start playback of streaming audio using your favorite media player (Windows Media Player, RealAudio, Winamp)
  • Adjust the recording level for the highest possible performance. We recommend the 70% of maximum by VU-meter to avoid clipping.
  • Click the Record button when you're ready.
    Tip!Did you hear the background noise? Please open Windows mixer and mute the "Microphone" input.

streaming audio recorder options

Get streaming audio using Scheduler

  • Open i-Sound Recorder
  • Open "Scheduler" window to add new recording event
  • Mark the "Additional Task" checkbox at the "Event" window
  • Type the path to your web-browser or media player to the "Run application" field
  • Type the URL of audio stream into the "Command line parameters" field
  • Click Ok and activate the Scheduler
  • Scheduler will open specified URL before recording using your web-browser and close it automatically when the recording is finished

scheduler options

Capture streaming audio using VOX

  • Run i-Sound Recorder
  • Open "Settings->VOX" to enable voice activated mode
  • Select the VOX Threshold that will trigger recording
  • Select the Reaction time that allows VOX to avoid false detections
  • Start the recording
  • VOX will detect silent pauses between audio tracks and split then automatically into separate audio files

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