Why my sound recorder doesn't work with Windows Vista?

You already noticed about major changes in Windows Vista audio controls which negatively impact the ability to record streaming audio. The ability to record from the sound card depends from audio drivers. With Windows XP you was able to use the "Stereo Mix" feature of sound card to record all what you hear, but it has been disabled in Vista to prevent the possibility that people may use it to illegally record sound.

On some systems you may be able to enable a "Stereo Mix" feature via Control Panel, but in most cases this trick not working. Of course, you can try to update audio drivers, but manu manufacturers like Sony and Dell confirmed that "Stereo Mix" will never be enabled. What's next?

Newest sound recording software for Windows Vista

Windows Vista provide a legal way to record streaming audio that not protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). Sound recorder for Windows Vista can use this feature to capture audio from Speakers. "Stereo Mix" feature no longer required! The newest audio recorder is i-Sound 7. It work with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and can detect playback device automatically and has all advanced features that you may require.

What benefits of can I get from Vista Sound Recorder?

  • No initial setup required. i-Sound ready to record after installation
  • Ability to capture streaming audio without "Stereo Mix" feature
  • Compatibility with DirectX 11 and Windows Media Audio 11

Learn more about i-Sound 7 for Windows Vista/7/10

Download i-Sound 7 for Windows Vista/7/10

vista sound recorder screenshot

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