Audio Converter Plus offer few ways to add audio files to conversion list:
  • From toolbar:
    Click the "Add files" button to add any compatible audio file or use "Add Folder" to add entire folder of audio files. If you activated "Recurse subfolders" option in program settings then all files from subfolder will be added too.
  • From Windows Explorer:
    It's simple. Right click on audio file or any folder and select "Convert Audio Files To..." item from context menu. Audio Converter Plus will be started and file will be added to conversion list.
  • By using Drag'n'drop:
    Open Windows Explorer and drop audio files to Audio Converter Plus window.
  • From command line:
    It could be interesting if you wish to call Audio Converter Plus from another program or script. If you wish to start conversion right on startip then use "/AUTOMATE" command line switch.