Streaming Audio Recorder

No doubt recording streaming audio has become very popular in recent years. Streaming Audio Recorder is an easy to use program that allows you to top up your music collection with unlimited free music. The recorder supports many streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, Sirius Radio, Yahoo Music, SoundCloud, and many others to record audio with just a single click. The recorder is a 100% legal way to record your favorite tracks from music stations for free for personal use.

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Streaming Audio Recorder

Automatic format detection

You no longer need to adjust the recording settings for different recording sources. Streaming Audio Recorder will automatically select the optimal parameters depending on the sound system settings and the parameters of the audio stream. This avoids re-sampling, which negatively affects the sound quality. The internal 32-bit floating-point format has a dynamic range of 1680 dB. It is several times higher than that of high-resolution audio files.

Automatic splitter

It allows you to split tracks at specified intervals or work in Smart mode. In Smart mode, the software detects a pause between songs and creates a separate audio file for each track. Short tracks, most of which are commercials, can be deleted automatically. You can monitor the splitter mode, which is displayed on the main screen as an icon. Once activated, the threshold value can be seen as a red bar on the VU meter.

Advanced Scheduler

The built-in scheduler significantly exceeds the capabilities of similar products. You can schedule dozens of audio recordings for many months to come. Scheduler tasks can be repeated on days of the week or run only once on a specified date. The scheduler can start and close programs, open web pages and automatically generate a file name for the recording.

Easily edit recordings

If you wish to edit audio file after recording then you can use free sound editor add-on. Besides the basic editing functions, such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, it has the ability to change the volume level, normalize the volume, add smooth fades to the beginning or to the end of the track. Just open the recording browser, select your recording and click the "Edit file in sound editor" button. The first time it downloads and installs the add-on, the next time it automatically loads the audio file into the editor.

Does not litter your system

Many similar recorders use virtual sound cards that cause clicks when switching modes and increase latency. We do not install virtual sound cards that degrade performance and stability. Instead, we use only standard Windows features that guarantee compatibility with future Windows updates.

Hotkeys for Fast Access

Global hotkeys allow you to control the recorder, even when it is running in the background. You can use Ctrl-Alt-R to start the recording and Ctrl-Alt-S to stop the recording at any time.

Recording Browser

It provides access to your audio collection. Use it to delete audio recordings, copy them to another folder, or import into iTunes. If basic metadata editing is not enough for you, then you can always install the free ID3 tag editor.

Simple, but feature rich

Interface is maximally simplified, and even a child can understand it. At the same time, advanced users can use the advanced settings.


Supported OS Windows 11/10/8/7
Sample Rate 22050Hz, 32000Hz, 44100Hz, 48000Hz, 88200Hz, 96000Hz
Output audio formats MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3), OGG Vorbis (*.ogg), WaveForm Audio (*.wav), Free Lossless Audio Codec (*.flac)
Bit Rate From 56Kbps to 500Kbps