i-Sound Recorder

Multifunctional audio recorder that allows you to record audio from different sources with excellent quality.

Multi-channel Sound Recorder

Fully functional audio logger for Windows that supports recording up to 32 channels on a single computer.

WaveCut Audio Editor

Lightweight visual audio editor with a MDI interface, allowing you to perform most operations without delay.


Stand-alone digital signal processor that allows you to change the speed, tempo and key of the musical composition in real time.


Compiler for scripting languages, such as JavaScript and VBScript. It is fully compatible with WSH and supports Wscript object.

Quick Batch File Compiler

True compiler for BAT and CMD files that supports multiple execution modes, x86 and x64 architectures, embedded resources.

What Our Users Are Saying

I am an amateur musician and didn't want to spend money on professional software. Media Pack includes everything I needed and more than covers my needs. It's a great kit for working with vocals. The included instruments allow you to sing with a mouse in one hand and a microphone in the other.

Robyn Ballard

I have used probably over a dozen recorder programs, all purchased , no freebies, over the years. The simplistic approach, no frills program, no bells and whistles, just a skin change if you desire, and it works every time you turn it on to record. The recording (in stereo) is perfect. Yours is a program I'm hanging on to for awhile! thanks again...

William Greenwood

When I was instructed to install recording equipment for our radio station, I didn't know where to begin. We are a non-profit radio station and the proposed solutions did not fit into our budget. MCRS solved all our problems, because it works perfectly on the existing computer and is not worse than tape recorders.

Stacy Pearson