How to convert Opus audio to Mpeg audio?

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opus to mp3

What is Opus? It is an open audio codec and file format for transmitting voice memos and music over the Internet. It was developed to replace the Vorbis and Speex codecs, which never became popular. Even so, the new codec took their strengths and eliminated their weaknesses. Opus is mostly used by music streaming services, video conferencing applications, and messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

Since the format is relatively new, Opus is incompatible with most popular media players and personal computing devices. This negates all its benefits since it is impossible to play Opus files on Android, PlayStation, Xbox, iTunes, etc. At the moment, the only way to solve this problem is to convert OPUS to a more common audio format.

Audio Converter Plus will definitely be your best choice. It is designed to provide fast conversion between a huge range of popular audio formats with minimal loss of quality. Audio is processed in the converter with 32-bit accuracy, allowing you to easily handle high-definition audio.

1 Download Audio Converter Plus

Download the Audio Converter Plus program. Follow the installation instructions and after the installation is complete, launch the program on your computer. opus converter

2 Add OPUS Files to the program

Click the green "Add Files" button on the main toolbar to open the file search window. Locate and select the OPUS files on your computer and click "Open" to load them into the program for conversion to MP3 format. To add a large list of files located in subfolders, use the "Add Folders" button. Of course, you can also drag and drop OPUS files directly into the program.

3 Select output directory

Specify the output folder where you want the converted files to go after conversion from OPUS to MP3 format. When converting, it makes sense to keep the directory structure when converting a large number of files into different folders. Check this box if necessary.

4 Select output format

Click the drop-down list at the bottom of the program next to "Output Format" to see the list of available audio file formats. To convert OPUS files to MP3, simply select "Lame MP3 Encoder" from the list. All conversions will now be performed to the MP3 audio file format. By clicking on "Encoder options" you can change the MP3 encoder settings.

5 Convert

Press the orange "Convert" button on the toolbar, this will start the conversion process. You can select only one file, to convert them one by one, or select them all to batch convert MP3s.

6 Conclusion

As you have already understood, the above method allows you to convert Opus not only to MP3 but also to other popular formats. Encoding other formats back into opus is no exception. The Opus format itself does not support all sampling frequencies, so it is very important that the converter can do the necessary oversampling on the fly.

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