BPM Counter

BPM Counter is a fast and accurate beats per minute detector for MP3 music. It may be helpful for DJs who need to get information about the entire music collection quickly and for any kind of remixing/sampling stuff. Do not trust online BPM databases, because each musical composition can have several versions with a different tempo. Don't waste your time for manual tapping with a metronome, just navigate to any folder with music and BPM finder will show all compatible audio files (MP3 and WAV) and start BPM detection automatically. Have you already encountered the fact that your analyzer returns half or double value? This is a fairly common mistake, called an octave error. Most often this happens with simplified algorithms that cut off the frequency spectrum of the audio signal. Seeing that, we use full-range audio decoders from Audio Converter Plus to ensure a balance between performance and precision.

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BPM Counter

Try our new BPM and Key detection software. It provides better accuracy and higher speed on multi-core processors.

Fully Automatic

Since this tool is designed to quickly estimate the tempo of several songs placed in one folder, we reduced the number of settings to a minimum. You will quickly get used to the program interface since it is similar to Windows Explorer. You do not need to spend time adding files to the processing list, just select the folder with audio tracks in the left navigation bar and the tempo finder will do the rest for you.

Fast BPM Detection

Our company has extensive experience in the development of DSP algorithms. Many of them are designed to extract features from a large number of audio files. BPM analyzer uses a single pass algorithm to calculate the tempo. You will not get the same accuracy as when using tuneXplorer, but for a quick estimation of BPM values, it will be quite enough. If the calculation is successful, the analyzer returns the BPM value with the specified accuracy. Otherwise, if the program cannot quickly calculate the correct BPM value or an audio decoding error occurs, it returns 0.

ID3 Tags Support

BPM detector can save beats per minute values in MP3 metadata following the ID3v2.3 standard. Are you worried that this is not the latest version of tags? Firstly, it is supported by most sound processing programs, which is much more important. Secondly, this feature is disabled by default to avoid data loss. Activate it in the settings after making sure that the result suits you. Unfortunately, Info tags in WAV files do not allow saving BPM. If you use the ID3 format for them, then other programs will not be able to read the data.

GUI and Console Versions

The program interface is DPI-aware and looks equally good on FullHD and 4K displays. If you prefer to work with the console, the command line version is located in the program installation folder. The console version processes the file specified on the command line and is indispensable if you want to integrate the mp3 to bpm calculation into your program or script. Call it from your code and you will find the bpm value in Stdout.


Like all our other programs, BPM calculator has integration with audio utilities that may be useful to you. For instance, you can use them if you need to record a new soundtrack. In addition, you can convert an audio file if it is not supported by the program. You can even run the bpm converter to change the tempo to the desired value.

Absolutely Free

BPM Counter is completely free. In other words, it does not contain any adware, spyware, toolbars and other unwanted software. It does not change the settings of your browser and Windows OS.


Supported OS Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Supported audio formats MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3), WaveForm Audio (*.wav)
Supported Tags ID3v2.3