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5 stars14 September 2021
Thank you for your workby Drake

I couldn't find this bpm finder on Google for a long time and started to think that the program had been abandoned. I found it and saw that the guys are still working on it. It was one of the first analyzers, on par with MixMeister, that gave acceptable accuracy. Since then, the algorithm has changed and if it fails to determine the tempo, the program returns a zero value. This is more honest than giving an incorrect result. I hope my feedback will somehow help the developers.

5 stars23 April 2020
It's usefull... but it could be betterby DjDiabolik

It's be good........ but it's not support drag e drop and when you reach a folder it's start to analyze all files inside this folder.

Add a feature you can drag

5 stars15 November 2019
Good..by Matt M

Works well for 4/4 tracks. Would like to see ability to tun off auto analyse as it starts every time I open the program and/or select a folder. Batch folder analysis would be nice too.

5 stars11 August 2019
Works perfect!by Ed

Had some issues but helpdesk was extremely helpful and patient. Kept in touch until solved!

5 stars14 May 2019
Thumb up from me!by exDJ

To my surprise, the program showed excellent results when creating playlists with dance music. After a manual check, I had to delete only a few tracks. I just got lucky :-)

4 stars27 April 2019
Could work great if there was another digitby Evan C h i c k e n N u g g e t B o i

I'm using a song with a very unique BPM. This couldn't even find an exact BPM, although it worked with many other songs.

5 stars01 February 2019
I just love this softwareby Freackxy

This software never let me down. Easy, fast and reliable. Thank you!

4 stars15 January 2019
Useful softby Montag

Pretty accurate software if used with 4/4 music. I'm using it to sort my playlist as a DJ and it helps a lot. Well yeah, sometimes it gives double the value but it's nothing compared to a job it does for me

1 stars22 January 2018
Not goodby Malum Lux

music like dnb, dubstep or anything break beat and this proves very poor quality

5 stars27 June 2017
Good enough for electronic musicby Matt

I analyzed several playlists through it, the result is excellent. Honestly, I expected a worse result and now I'm pleasantly surprised. Perhaps the accuracy depends heavily on the musical genre. Only once it turned out twice the value. BPM values of the other 30 tracks are determined correctly.

2 stars20 June 2017
Accuracyby Peter

I agree with Lany. Accuracy of this program is sad. Specially if this program do only this.

3 stars17 June 2017
Need more accuracyby Lany

Great concept, but it's not accurate enough for me. For instance, I made a wav file and your software reports it as having just over 100 bpm. When I turn that same file into an mp3, the bpm go down to 95. I wrote a song at 135 bpm according to my music program, but when I export that file, your software says it's only 98 bpm. I need more accuracy.

5 stars12 June 2017
Great tool for generating a playlistby Kevin

This program is a revelation. I have run it on my entire MP3 collection to find tracks that match my treadmill walking speed. Windows allows you to add a "Beats-per-minute" column to the File Explorer so you can easily sort files after you have run BPM Counter to find the files that you need, in my case about 109-125bpm. Walking or running in time to your favorite music is actually fun and makes the miles zoom by. After losing 20% of my body weight, I'm so happy I found this program!