MCRS (Multi-Channel Sound Recording System)

Abyssmedia Multi-Channel Sound Recording System designed for recording audio information from multiple sources simultaneously and automatically. The sound recording software can record up to 32 channels and compress records for archiving. It can be used for conference recordings, telephone line monitoring, radio station logging, logging of intermittent transmissions and Other specialized applications... Why should you choose our Multi-channel Recording System?

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MCRS (Multi-Channel Sound Recording System)

Typical Applications

  • Capturing and archiving audio streams from virtually any source (FM, AM, DVB, DAB, HDRadio, internet, satellite etc.)
  • Phone line logging
  • Radio stations logging
  • Checking your own program and to monitor competition
  • Radio communications recording
  • Court room recording
  • Record radio traffic in police/fire/ems department
  • Can be used as a "skimmer" to log audio from an microphone

Main Features:

  • Available in two versions with ASIO and WDM support.
  • Record up to 32 audio channels simultaneously on a single PC.
  • Built-in recording scheduler
  • Voice activated recording (VOX)
  • Advanced audio compression to reduce file size.
  • Save recordings as standard WAV or MP3 files.
  • Password protection from unauthorized access.
  • Breaks recording into easily manageable files by user choice
  • Align recording time with time of day
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Optimized for newest Intel and AMD CPUs.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher
  • DirectX 9.0 or better
  • Pentium III processor or faster
  • 256 MB RAM or more.
  • To record 2 mono channels - buy a simple Y cable from your local electronics to wire 2 mono sockets to a stereo plug. Then using Channel Properties assign one channel to "left mono" and the other to "right mono".
  • Multichannel Recording required multiple standard sound cards or multichannel sound cards. Depending on hardware resources you can install up to 4 sound cards in one PC. (ie. a total of 8 inputs).
  • Multichannel sound cards that have been tested including the M-Audio Delta 44, M-Audio Delta 1010, ESI Maya 44, Antex LX-44, RME FireFace 400, TASCAM US 4x4, Dialogic 12-channels interface cards.
  • USB sound devices. USB devices usually can be used with a hub to connect many devices to one PC. Most modern USB sound devices let you do this.
  • Microphones or telephone adapters