Benefits of multichannel audio logger

If you want to record a number of independent audio sources, you can try to run multiple instances of voice recorder, but you will come across many challenges. To solve them, you can use the multi-channel recording system.

Optimal CPU utilization

Most recorders use compression in real time, which requires significant system resources. Everything works fine when recording from a single sound card, but using multiple sound cards causing problems. You will lose fragments of sound because the processor will be loaded to 100%. Audio Logger uses deferred compression and uses the CPU only at moments downtime.

Flexible control of audio channels

In addition to the usual recording modes - "Stereo" and "Mono" multi-channel audio logger provides an additional opportunity to record both channels in mono mode, or split two channels between different audio sources. For example, the left channel sound card can record sound in one room, and the right channel - in the other. Both channels will have their own independent controls.

Quick search recordings in the database

All the information about the records stored in the centralized database. When working with a logger you can make a quick search of records by date or time interval.

Logging of events

All actions are logged and you can always find out when recording was started and stopped on a particular channel.

Password protection

Anyone can go off the record or change the settings, but it will never happens if you use audio logger. It allows you to password protect the control panel, recording browser and start/stop functions.