WAV Recorder - CD-quality recording

Audio Logger uses a standard Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) Computer to log up to 32 audio channels for 365 days on a standard hard disk drive.

Once started, Audio Logger will continue logging audio in predefined segments, automatically archiving your audio into MP3 or WAV files - you choose the record quality and compression settings.

At the end of the archive period, old recordings automatically deleted to free disk space for the new recordings. Unlike old-school loggers, Abyssmedia Audio Logger makes it easy to locate any day and channel instantly with its built in recordings browser. Access to audio logs and settings may be protected with password.

Main Features:

  • Supports multi-channel and stereo sound cards for simultaneous playback and recording
  • Flexible compression settings allow you to increase the archiving time or improve the quality of recording by the user's decision
  • Instant access to audio recordings and logs using built-in recording browser
  • The Scheduler can manage the recording channels independently
  • Voice Activation Recording
  • Automatic Gain Control

Abyssmedia Audio Logger (MCRS) is being used by broadcasters around the world, both large and small.

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multichannel audio logger

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