How to record Skype conversations (both sides)

i-Sound can record both sides of Skype conversations only if you uses one audio device. For example: if you uses USB microphone and USB headphones then it will record only one side by your choice.

  1. Download, install and run i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder.
  2. Click the Settings button to open the i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder program settings.
  3. Select the Mixer tab.
  4. To record a Skype conversations choose "Stereo Mix" from the Select Recording Source options menu. Some sound cards uses different names for this input so instead of "Stereo Mix" option you might see "WAVE", "What U Hear" or "Wave Out".
  5. If you don't want to specify every time output file name for the record you can set-up i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder to generate them automatically. Select the "General" tab from menu. In File Name Options choose Generate auto name from date/time and change the Destination File Folder if you wish.
  6. Before starting to record you can adjust the volume level from the slide to the right. You can also adjust the volume at any time while recording. When you are ready to start recording click the Start record button in the middle. In additional, you can use AGC mode(Automatic Gain Control). It will adjust recording level automatically in real-time.
  7. If you wish to skip silent pauses while recording you may activate VOX mode. Go to Settings -> Vox and check the Activate VOX mode option.
  8. When you have finished you can stop the recording by pressing the Stop record button.

Firstly, Skype wants to control the microphone selection and gain automatically in "Recording control", and the microphone muting in "Volume Control". You need to deselect Skype -> Options -> Sound Devices -> Let skype adjust... Now you have control, and need to unmute "Microphone" within "Volume Control", and select "Stereo Mix" within "Recording Control". Bit of a mission, but it does work, eventually."

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