Logging phone calls

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There are several reasons why you might want to record a telephone conversation: you could be an interviewer keeping records of your prospective employees or you might be a journalist gathering evidence for a story. Either way, you are going to need to record the conversation.

First, we need to connect a phone line to your sound card. You can do this by using telephone line adapter - one cable will be connected in the front of the telephone, and second cable connects to your sound card.

Depending from adapter type, you will use the "Line In" or "Microphone" jack of your sound card. Please note that "Line In" input support Stereo recording, so you can connect two phone lines to the single sound card.

After connecting the equipment download and install multi-channel recording software (MCRS) from our site.

Phone Line Logger

Start MCRS and create one or two recording channels. Recording source should be "Line In" or "Microphone". Make a test call and adjust the recording volume. Also, you can use the AGC - automatic gain control.

Now just select the recording format that determine the sound quality and size of audio files on hard drive. Recording can be performed in manual or automatic mode.

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