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5 stars01 July 2019
Long live ASIO!by Ric Benson

I have Behringer u-Phoria umc404HD usb 2.0 audio interface and tested various multichannel recorders. This has 4 channels. The problem I ran into was that most recorders only see's left or right from this device and I would need it to see all 4. The old version of MCRS worked only with DirectX drivers and had the same problems. Fortunately, the new version of MCRS supports ASIO and sees all 4 channels. Great progress!

5 stars15 May 2019
Reliable productby Doug Kelly

After five years of use, I can confidently say - the product is reliable as a Swiss watch.
I am using this software to record radio transmissions from wireless radios at my company and restart it once a year to install the update.