How to convert APE to FLAC?

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ape to flac

APE, the Monkey's audio format with .ape filename extension, is lossless format with slightly better compression rates compared to other lossless compression format like FLAC and WavPack. Ape audio files are compatible with only a limited number of digital devices and operating systems (in fact, it is only Windows that supports Ape). FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), Monkey's Audio's main competitor, has more features and supported by many hardware devices from Philips, Onkyo and Pioneer, e.t.c. If you find the compression ration is not so important, then converting APE to FLAC is better solution for lossless compression, quality as well as capability with players.

It is important to note the fact that the developer broke backward compatibility in the latest version of the APE encoder. Worse, the format version did not change, so older decoders do not give an error and report successful processing. As you understand, this can cause all your recordings to be lost during conversion. If you want to continue using APE format to store your audio collection, use version 4.75 or earlier.

Audio Converter Plus offers easy solution to convert APE to FLAC in batch mode with without quality loss as well as preserve audio tags. In addition to convert APE to FLAC, it also can convert APE to MP3, WAV, M4A and OGG.

1 Download APE to FLAC Converter

Download APE to FLAC Converter from our site:

2 Installation

Run the downloaded file audioconverter.exe to start installation, which is fast and requires no knowledge. After installation, double click on the new icon, you will see the user interface below.

APE to FLAC converter

3 Add APE Files To Conversion List

Add the APE audio files from the "File" menu in batches. You can add few files at once or entire folder with APE audio collection. Audio Converter Plus can scan all subdirectories if you wish.

4 Choose the proper output folder

At the right bottom field you can see an Output Folder option. Click the "Browse" button to set an output path, which will be the destination folder of converted FLAC files. Also, you can use the same folder as original APE audio.

5 Set The Compression Options

Select FLAC encoder from dropdown list and click the "Encoder options". Use the "Same as original" choices to keep original audio format. "Compression" slider lets you choose between compression speed and volume of the output FLAC file.

6 Start Converting

Click the orange "Convert" button, the conversion task will be started immediately.

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