Monkey's Audio Format. APE Audio Format.

It should be noted that APE format (also known as Monkey's Audio) is one of the most popular music formats, which uses lossless compression. This format is freely available to users with plug-ins for playback on most popular media players. However, the lack of cross-platform support makes it a more limited for use. An interesting feature is the use of neural networks. The neural network will be "trained" by the encoder to make accurate predictions for a given music sample and will be transmitted to the decoder along with some correction data.

Main advantages:

  • Very good compression ratio.
  • Very good support for a wide range of programs for Windows.
  • Fault tolerance (short, sharp sound in the place of error).

Main advantages:

  • Limited use outside of Windows.
  • There is no hardware support for the format (DVD-Players, Flash and various other players).
  • Not compatible with files encoded by older versions.
  • Non-standard licensing: it was found that the source code is available only under a shared source license. The consequences of this remain obscure.

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