How to convert APE to MP3?

APE format is an ideal solution for your audio collection. It provides the best lossless compression, supports audio tags and cue sheets. But do not forget about its disadvantages - it does not support live streaming, it is not supported by most portable and car players. Perhaps the best solution would be to keep a copy of the most popular songs in MP3.

In this case you may encounter an incompatibility between the high-quality sound and MP3. As you know, MP3 only supports mono and stereo files, and the sampling frequency is limited to 48000 Hz. In addition, during the conversion will be important to keep the directory structure. Audio Converter Plus will take care of these issues.

1 Download APE to MP3 Converter

Download APE to MP3 Converter from our site:

2 Installation

Run the downloaded file audioconverter.exe to start installation, which is fast and requires no knowledge. After installation, double click on the new icon, you will see the user interface below.

3 Add APE Files To Conversion List

Add the APE audio files from the "File" menu in batches. You can add few files at once or entire folder with APE audio collection. Audio Converter Plus can scan all subdirectories if you wish.

4 Choose the proper output folder.

At the right bottom field you can see an Output Folder option. Click the "Browse" button to set an output path, which will be the destination folder of converted MP3 files. Also, you can use the same folder as original APE audio.

5 Set The Compression Options

Select MP3 encoder from dropdown list and click the "Encoder options". Use the "Same as original" choices to keep original audio format. If some files will have sampling rate above 48000 Hz, the program will automatically resample these files. Audio Tags will be converted from APETag format to standard ID3 format.

6 Start Converting

Click the orange "Convert" button, the conversion task will be started immediately.

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