Maintain directory structure

Owners of large audio collections usually sort music into folders by Atrist/Album. They may have difficulty maintaining the directory structure after conversion songs in a different format. Metadata can be stored in different formats and can be lost in the process of conversion. Subsequently require additional time to bring collection in order.

The new version of Audio Converter Plus allows you to solve this problem once and for all. Simply activate the "Keep the original directory structure". After that, the converter determine the base directory for all your audio files and recreate folder tree in the selected output folder.

For example, you have two audio files:

C:\Music\Metallica\Ride The Lightning\Fight Fire With Fire.flac
C:\Music\Metallica\And Justice For All\One.flac

You want to convert these FLAC files to M4A format for your iPod and put them in a folder "D:\New Music". Audio Converter will detect common audio folder as "C:\Music\Metallica\" and after conversion you will have:

D:\New Music\Ride The Lightning\Fight Fire With Fire.m4a
D:\New Music\And Justice For All\One.m4a

You can import all audio files from your collection to the conversion list just in one click if you activate "Recurse subfolders" option.