How to transpose music to a different key

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Changing the key of a piece of music is called transposing the music. Transposing music is not the most difficult element of music theory, but it does require a mastery of the various key signatures and modes to be done correctly. Beginning musicians needs a simple tool that could transpose backing track to put it in the right key for vocalists.

Where to start? Consider the simplest option - you know the current key and need to change it to another key. First, we need to determine the interval between the keys in halftones. If we play each note on a piano one by one from left to right, we get 12 tones which make up the chromatic scale:

C C#/Db D D#/Eb E F F#/Gb G G#/Ab A A#/Bb B

Now just count the intervals and set them in the settings of the software. Of course you will not be able to change key for whole octave without audible distortion, but it is real enough to correct vocal within two semitones.

AudioRetoucher makes transposing music easy. It allows you to change the key of any MP3 file without changing the tempo.

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Transposing MP3 music with AudioRetoucher

  • Download and install MP3 transposer from our site.
  • Run program and open the MP3 file you want to transpose.
  • After starting playback you can raise or lower the pitch of a song in real time.
  • The range is +/- 12 semitones in steps of 0.1 semitone.
  • Once you have achieved the desired result you can save song as MP3 or WAV file.

If your music is already stored as MP3 or WAV file, AudioRetoucher will transpose it for you. However, if you only have the music on paper, it may be easier to transpose it yourself than to enter it into a music program to have it transposed.

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