3 Ways to Trim MP3 Files

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Trim MP3 files

If you have a large MP3 file and want to trim it to the desired length or remove silence at the beginning and end of a song, then you can use an audio editor that allows you to do this work easily and quickly. If you need to cut only one song, then there are many simple ways to do this without downloading programs. However, you can download a sound editor, for example, WaveCut Audio Editor, and get much more editing options than just trimming.

1 Best Tool to Trim MP3 - WaveCut Audio Editor

WaveCut Audio Editor is an easy-to-learn audio editing software. It is designed for novice users who would like to spend less time understanding the basic functions of editing audio and focus more on their task of creating and editing music. WaveCut Audio Editor is a versatile music editing tool that allows you to trim, split, cut, merge and convert MP3 files. If you are a music fan and you have a collection of songs in MP3 format, there is a chance that you will want to edit some of them to improve your musical experience. WaveCut Audio Editor would be versatile and user-friendly, so a beginner without any professional skills can manipulate your audio file as you like.

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Go to the main interface of the audio editor, you need to load the MP3 file that you want to cut. Click the "Open" button on the toolbar to import the target file from the computer to this application or drag it from the Explorer.

The next step is to select the piece of audio that you want to trim on the timeline. You can simply enter time intervals in the "Selection" panel or select audio using the mouse. To do this, move the cursor to the beginning of the segment, hold down the left mouse button and move the cursor to the end of the segment. Do not worry if this failed the first time, you can drag the markers to the right place later.

Tip: Use the Zoom buttons to increase the selection area. This will help you find the nearest zero crossing point.

Now you have two options - you can choose from the "Save Selection" menu, select the file name and compression settings and finish editing at this point. If you want to continue processing, then click the "Trim" button on the toolbar to get instant results.

2 Free Way to Trim MP3 - Wave Editor

Wave Editor is a free version of the editor that allows you to trim your audio files on the fly. This will help you to cut large audio files much faster than online services.

wave editor

The trimming process is not so convenient here and will require a couple of extra steps. You will need to remove portions of the audio before and after the desired fragment. After that, you save the file by selecting the bitrate for the MP3 encoder.

3 Online Way to Trim MP3 - Audio Trimmer

Audio Trimmer is a simple online tool, which lets you trim your audio files on the fly. It helps you trim audio files online without installing complex software on your device.

audio trimmer

Despite the seeming simplicity of this method, it has many drawbacks. Since you can't enlarge your audio segment, you'll have to repeat the MP3 trimming process several times before you get the desired result. The time you saved to install the sound editor will be spent on uploading and downloading MP3 files through the browser.

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