How to Merge MP3 Files into One Easily and Fast

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Merge MP3 files

The MP3 file format has long become an industry standard and is used everywhere. Some users prefer to store albums in one audio file, and use an additional CUE file to store information about individual tracks. For other users, adding a separate file to the playlist can be tedious and boring. However, with the help of the appropriate merge tool, you can easily merge several mp3 files into one larger file. It is worth spending some time to choose the right tool to meet your needs before installing it on your computer.

1 Merge MP3 Songs Together using WaveCut Audio Editor

There is no doubt that to manipulate audio files you need a full-featured audio editor. The problem lies in its high price and the complexity of the learning curve. WaveCut Audio Editor is perhaps the most user-friendly audio editing tool that can easily and quickly merge several mp3 files into one file thanks to the virtual editing mode. This versatile tool allows you to perform most operations with audio files without the need to seek help from third-party software. The basic set of functions will undoubtedly be sufficient for the average user. You will find yourself in a familiar environment, because the interface is similar to a classic text editor and allows you to simultaneously work with multiple files.

wavecut audio editor

If you have already installed WaveCut Audio Editor on your computer, simply click the program icon to launch it. Otherwise, download the latest version from our website, install it on your desktop and run it to display the main window.

To load mp3 files, click on the "Open" button. In the opened dialog, you can select several songs to merge at once. After selecting the files, click "Open" and wait until all the files are decoded and loaded into the editor.

Tip: Certainly, some MP3 files will have different volume, so it would be a good idea to normalize before merging. This will avoid volume drops during playback.

After you have successfully loaded these files into the program, you need to create a new empty file in which you merge all the files so that they remain original and unchanged. If all files have the same parameters, feel free to set their sample rate and number of channels. Otherwise, use parameters that match most files. This will speed up the merge process and avoid unwanted resampling.

merge tracks

Now go to the window containing the mp3-file and select the entire track using the command Ctrl+A or simply double-click on the waveform. Now copy the selected contents of the file to the internal clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C on the keyboard. After you have copied the track, go back to the empty file you created and paste the file. To do this, press Ctrl+V, or select "Paste" from the context menu. To add the next file, move the cursor to the end of the current file by pressing the "End" button on the numeric keypad. Go to the window containing the second mp3 file and repeat the copy and paste procedure. Thanks to the virtual editing mode, all operations take place instantly and take about a minute to complete.

Tip: The merged file is initially suitable for gapless playback. If you want to split tracks by pauses, use the Insert Silence tool.

Finally, the merged file is ready. You listened to it and were satisfied with the result. Now you can click the "Save" button and in the opened window of the explorer select the file name and audio format. This does not have to be MP3, for further editing, you can save an intermediate file in a lossless format.

compression options

2 Online Way to Merge MP3 files - Audio Joiner

Currently, there are many online services for simple manipulation of audio files and one of them - Audio Joiner.

audio joiner

Working with him does not require lengthy instructions and is intuitive for everyone. You simply select the files from your disk and add them to the list. All you can change is the order of the tracks and the format for saving the merged file. The downside of this simplicity is the lack of control over many aspects of editing. You cannot set pauses between tracks, change their volume and set compression parameters.

You can merge files using an online Audio Joiner. However, using the WaveCut Audio Editor is the best way, as it has many more audio editing options. Try it today.

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