How to hear what you're recording?

Last updated on September 13, 2012 by , Posted to record audio

Despite the presence of VU-meter is much easier to control the sound in your ears. When sound is being sent to the Line-In, I can see the Input Level changing in sound recorder, but why I can't hear the sounds when I import some tape-recorded songs from a cassette-recorder that plugged on the Line-in jack? On Windows XP you can fix this problem by simply adjusting the volume controls on your sound card. With Windows Vista and Windows 7, it's a little more complicated.

1 Open Audio Control Panel

Right click on the "Speakers" icon in the system tray and click on "Playback Devices".

2 Open Speakers Properties

Right-click on "Speakers" and select "Properties". Select the "Levels" tab.

line-in redirection to the speakers

3 Adjust Levels

Unmute "Line-In" input and increase level up to maximum value. Here you can also adjust the balance.

Done! Now you can listen to the sound from the "Line-in". If you want to record music in silence, just repeat over and mute this input again.

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