What internet radio recorder is better?

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Audio Recording

There are plenty of programs for recording Internet radio. Which one is better? In this review we will try to discuss the most important features. When selecting programs for recording Internet radio is important to pay attention to the following functions.

1 The recorder should not slow down your computer.

Since the program resides in memory it should not slow down your computer. Many programs install a virtual sound card, which use the processor to emulate a sound card. This causes a drop in performance and may even cause the computer failures in work. It is best to install a program that uses regular features of Windows, which ensures maximum compatibility.

2 Schedule internet radio recording

Of course, the scheduler is very important for sound recordings, because nobody wants to sit at the computer waiting for a song. Most programs allow you to specify only one period of time. It's not enough for regular use, because you may have certain days of the week or specific date. Moreover, it does not allow schedule multiple entries for one day. In addition, the planner must be able to start playback of audio streams before recording.

3 Split the songs

Who needs a huge audio file with a few songs? The recorder must be able separate individual songs automatically according to pauses. Too short audio recordings should be ignored or deleted. If a radio broadcast without interruption, it is not excessive will be able split tracks in the built-in audio editor.

4 Support for popular audio formats

Various internet radio station broadcast the sound in various formats that may be incompatible with your player - Windows Media, AAC, Real Audio, Flash, Ogg Vorbis. Hence the recorder must be able to convert audio in a suitable format during the recording. The most appropriate format is MP3.

One of the best programs for recording streaming audio is an i-Sound. The unique ability to record digital audio from the sound card drivers without installing a virtual guarantee high quality recording.In addition to support for all popular audio formats, it provides great opportunities to use built-in scheduler, sound activated recording and automatic gain control. Recording browser allows you to edit tags of recordingss, copy, rename, and delete recordingss, and send them by email.

Download i-Sound Recorder for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Download i-Sound Recorder for Windows XP

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